Think Different
Feel Different
Act Different



“Don’t let how you see the world or let society’s timing, limit you from accomplishing your dreams.”   Maureen Roe

Maureen’s gift for hearing energetic patterns helps her clients to acknowledge patterns of limiting beliefs, negative mindsets, self criticism and judgment and feelings of unworthiness on the mental level and to heal those wounds on an energetic and physical level.

As someone who came from an authoritative and critical environment she experienced her own limitations in being able to authentically express herself in both her personal life and throughout her business career – – limiting her achievements and success. It has taken Maureen many years to feel good enough in her own skin and know that life is working for her not against her and now shares her gifts with others to hasten their journey..   Her own personal journey and extensive career experience produces one recurring theme:  her dedication to nurturing people through coaching support, healing and spiritual guidance in their authentic personal expression.

Let Maureen take you on a personal journey to freedom as she takes you from never feeling good enough to feeling perfect as you are.

Maureen’s Background:

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Metaphysics/ Ordained Minister

Masters of Science in Administration,

Registered Corporate Coach

Certified Integrative Energetic Medicine Practitioner


Here’s what people have to say about working with Maureen

“Like many others, I was quite self-critical.  After spending time with Maureen I learned to be kinder and more forgiving to myself.  New habits can be learned to replace the unhealthy ones.  This has been applied not only to weight loss and a physically healthier me but has done much to improve other areas in my life.”            Michelle D.


“I was constantly comparing myself to others.  Through many conversations, Maureen taught me to separate what is my responsibility and what should be held to the responsibility of others – especially professionally. I came to a point where the veil was lifted and I started using the techniques and new statements of belief to think differently about myself.  Now I find my feelings of self worth have shifted.  I am more forgiving of myself.”             Brandi H.