Think Different
Feel Different
Act Different

Align for a Healing Experience

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Our ideals are the standards by which we live our lives, or are they?   We use our ideals to guide our lives; they are the reason “why” we pursue something.   So what does this have to do with healing?

“If you are healed, what will you do differently with your life?”   This was a question Edgar Cayce would ask in regards to healing.  He felt a purposeful life was important and this question was asked of individuals to hopefully illicit a deeper meaning of the experience of illness thus challenging the person to explore their illness or disease as a growth opportunity.  The idea was this would help them to call attention to a greater purpose for their life.

When we are ill we may ask a lot of probing questions and if we look hard we would see that our thoughts, feelings, actions contribute to one’s well-being, whether healthy or ill.   To heal in the best way it is imperative that we align all aspects of our experience – (spiritual, mental and physical) so that we can feel empowered to handle an illness if one arises.

If you have a spiritual ideal that doesn’t match your mental attitude and physical actions and you get ill then you might feel that you are not living up to the ideal and become depressed.   However, if you didn’t have any spiritual ideals and you got ill you cold possibly feel that life was meaningless or feel victimized by life.

Having healthy spiritual ideals about health and aligning your mental attitude and physical actions with them will produce a more meaningful platform from which to experience an illness if one occurs.