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Mastering YOU: Self-Compassion – a gift from my high school Spanish Teacher

The HeartMath Institute defines Self-Compassion as “love, care and nonjudgmental self-acceptance.    That definition is quite beautiful only many people have struggles with the first two and are absolutely unable to comprehend the last one, can you relate?

I was gifted early with the key to self compassion and still it took me close to another 40 years before I really actually got it.  Wow!  My high school Spanish teach was a very tall German lady who put her face in her hands when we just simply didn’t get what she was teaching.  But one of her favorite saying when she mixed up something was to say “that was my first mistake since my last”.   It stuck with me because I thought it was funny, but later, I realized how very compassionate she was being to herself; to let herself off the hook.

For those of you out there with the Perfectionist gene, you can probably appreciate my inability to get to non-judgmental self-acceptance.  I learned to do loving and caring things for myself, but becoming aware of how hard I was being on myself took time to overcome.  But with the assistance of a good spiritual teacher, great spiritual literature, a strong desire to have peace, greater awareness and shear perseverance, the fix was in.   Finally, not only can I accept myself, but I can have self compassion for the situations I find myself in and the feelings I have.

An example of the old me was to beat up on myself when something I did, didn’t turn out well.   I would question everything and when I discovered my error I would berate myself.  The new me, stops and has compassion for the person who made the best plan with the information she had at time.   Yes, both my have to deal with the aftermath of things gone wrong, but the latter me is much more pleasant and has peace inside.  And she is a lot more fun to be around, right.

So in this month of love I say give yourself the gift of self-compassion and when you screw up remember, it is just your first mistake since your last and the good news is, no one is counting.

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Mastering YOU! 2018

If you are on my email list you got your New Year’s email talking about this being the Year of Self-Mastery.   I received some comments back as to what exactly are we mastering about ourselves.  As for me, self-mastery is and has been my spiritual path.  Learning to navigate life from a higher perspective, knowing that Spirit has my back and to move through my life allowing the lessons that come and taking the opportunities as chances to grow and expand into the person I am in the process of always becoming.   Is it always pretty?   NO!

For most,  where to start seemed to be the question ?   I personally started with the issues I was frustrated by and that eventually led me to other topics.   However,  if you want the ground floor foundational spot, I think Dan Millman’s plan is a good one.   Start with knowing your self worth.

What exactly is self-worth?   I’ll give you a hint it is a very deep and profound belief within you about you that infuses or clouds your whole experience.   For example, if you think you are not a good person then when good things happen you don’t feel you deserve them.    And when bad things happen you feel they are expected or deserved.   Just one example, but it gives you the scope of how pervasive your self worth can be in forming your perspective of your life or the filter through which you experience life.

When I finally got around to this issue, I discovered that it was very pervasive in my life and from the new perspective I couldn’t go back to seeing it any other way.   The thing I learned is that just by showing up here on earth “I am worthy”.   I don’t have to do anything to earn it and I cannot lose it by anything I do.   I came into the world worthy, therefore I AM worthy.

Can’t say I believed this one right off, but I was willing to remind myself of it daily, use it as a mantra when I was feeling the opposite and had the awareness and faith to act as if I was worthy and low and behold feelings of worthiness began to emanate from me and began infusing itself into my actions in caring and thinking about myself.     This is a good solid foundation for your Self-Mastery.  Happy Mastering!

Maureen Roe is a Coach, Integrative Energetic Medicine Practitioner, Minister, Author and Speakers helping everyday people feel extraordinary in  their lives.   If you have questions about todays topic or would like some guidance, please feel free to contact Maureen at



But You Must Agree With Me?

Just read something or turn on the news or radio and there is always someone not agreeing with someone else.  It seems like no one agrees on anything anymore.   While agreement may not always be possible the more we stir the masses on both sides of the fence with inflammatory sound bites and clever edits we only serve to entrench people.   And while some of you may think this is how things get done, I would ask you to consider this. Without compromise and collaboration we miss valuable solutions that could propel us to greater oneness.

From a oneness standpoint, entrenchment should not be what any of us want.   As an individual and a student of metaphysics, I try hard to be inclusive in my thinking.  Am I perfect 100% of the time, no, but I do take the time to recognize when I am not, and that I am the one missing something.   It is on a regular basis I encounter individuals who have a vastly different opinion than my own whether, spiritual beliefs, politics, or just what toothpaste is best.   Since, each of our views of life and the totality of our personal experiences are so vastly different I find it helpful to try to understand the others’ view before judging it so that I can better understand them and why they may have that view.

Moreover, while we may have a spirited discussion on each view, in the end I do not try to make the person have my view or think the way I do or think less of them or relegate them to “idiot” status just because they feel differently than myself.   I know there will be some who read this and scarf at this view as well.   Listening to Ruth King, on, with whom all of her views I didn’t necessarily totally agree with, but we are on the same page,  I will leave you with a mantra she suggested.   “Life is not personal, permanent or perfect.”   So when frustrated ask yourself each area of this mantra.  Am I taking this personally, is this permanent and I’m I looking for perfection where there isn’t going to be any?

I will add this to my repertoire of gems I’ve received from one with whom I didn’t share exactly the same view to demonstrate what could have been missed if I had taken my small non-agreement and applied it to all of what she said.   Think about  how often we throw out items, suggestions or tips and tools because we disagree or don’t like the source from which it came?   Don’t be so entrenched in your righteousness as to miss the value in what is presented.

If you think a friend could benefit from this view, please feel free to share this with them.

Maureen is a life coach and energy practitioner helping you live life with more consciousness resulting in greater happiness and overall joy.  Learn more about Maureen’s  practice, programs and classes at .   Maureen can be reached at or by calling 404-293-0614.

I want what she’s having…

Remember the adage “Your perception is your reality”?  So what does it really mean?  Basically it is saying that as you go through life all your experiences and interpretations of those events is what is your perception and that becomes your reality or what is real for you.  Since we are so unique and have many different experiences that are ours alone, it is no wonder we see anything the same?

So how does your perception affect your everyday life, well here are a few ways.   Let’s start with communication.  If every morning you come to work your boss greets you, but one morning she doesn’t someone with a certain perception would interpret that as “the boss is mad at me”, another with a totally different set of experiences would just assume the boss was preoccupied.   Which are you?

Here is a classic for you.   When I was in high school a friend and I went with a few other folks to Florida a weekend and we sunbathed on the beach, met “boys” from places north, found our way into a few live music places and roomed with about 5 other women.  I was with my friend one day when someone asked her about our weekend, her description floored me.   I wondered if she had gone to Florida with another group another time, as my perception of our weekend was very different, but then again I got overly tanned, shall we say, met a really obnoxious guy I couldn’t get rid of and some of our other roommates were a little more fond of the drink and expected everyone to take care of them.  Which weekend would I have preferred to be on – my friends, apparently she had a ball!

So what do you do?  Well if someone suddenly changes on you like the boss, don’t assume do a short inquiry.  Ask your boss if everything is ok today?  Maybe they were just distracted or perhaps something happen and they were upset.   In the second situation, just be aware that if you get two different stories try to find out the reasons why and ask if the person had previously had a bad experience that was similar so that you can make a more informed decision if you were to engage in a similar scenario.

The moral of the story is to ask questions, find out why someone is responding the way they do can help in a lot of situations.  This way you won’t get upset with people or you won’t pass on things that might be great.


Maureen is a life coach and energy practitioner helping you live life with more consciousness resulting in greater happiness and overall joy.  Learn more about Maureen’s  practice, programs and classes at .   Maureen can be reached at or by calling 404-293-0614.

New Consciouness

Consciousness, it seems as if the world is a twitter with it.   It is hard to find a spiritual book, magazine, sermon, therapy website or self help book without mention of it.    Why you ask?  We’ve ushered in what we are now experiencing is our own evolution of our consciousness.   Our values are evolving and we are being asked to decide whether to stay in the outdated mode which has taken us to the state we are currently experiencing or to choose to embrace the new values love, brotherhood, unity and integrity. 

Not a single person, corporation, organization or institution has escaped this cataclysmic fate over the past few years and the journey continues.  Evolution is showing us what has been and what’s not working and has exposed much of the behind the scenes happenings to help us move in a new direction.  It is difficult to look at things on a national or world stage and know where to start, so starting with one’s self is the grassroots way of change.

To embrace these new values we are being asked to come from our hearts when making a decision of any kind.   “The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG)”, according to HeartMath’s McCarty.  Imagine the attraction power your heart has with this kind of power.   You already do some of this with family or friend now try it with other decisions and notice the difference in the outcome.

The values of Brotherhood and Unity are somewhat one in the same.  We have to stop identifying only as ourselves, we need to be able to care for our brothers and sister who aren’t like us and stop making them wrong or bad.  We are all one in the Creator’s mind, each and individuation of creative energy that shows up as each of us.   So though someone may not look, sounds, act, have the same values they are still a human being and deserving of respect and worthiness.

And the value of Integrity to me is one of the most important.  Integrity is doing the right things even when no one is looking or even when it is hard.  It is following a code or set of principles some say morals.  Many business practices I see today, particularly involving sales would not pass an integrity review in my opinion.

While it is easy to get caught up in all the changes going on in your world and the world, keep your focus on you and your world and do an inventory of where you stand on these values and then put a plan in place to bring forth more of each.   If you’ve already blown your new year’s resolution to loose a few pounds try this task on for size and do it at your own pace in your time and watch life open up.


Maureen is an Integrative Energy Medicine Practitioner, Life Coach and Minister and helps others become empowered in their lives to overcome whatever obstacles physical, mental, emotional or spiritual that stand in their way. 

Don’t Stress This Fall

dragonfly onlyIt’s September the month we come out of our summer hibernation and leaves begin to turn and fall and the pace of the world seems to pick up to a frenetic pace once again.   Long gone are the days of lazing in the hammock sipping that mojito.    Along with those colorful leaves and hopefully cooler temperatures comes a bit of overwhelm for many.    If you are a commuter traffic increases due to school and the pace of work seems to ramp up with the start of new projects now that everyone has returned from vacation.   Stress, stress and more stress.

Maybe this scenario doesn’t fit you, maybe you just have so many things going on in your life even though you, “don’t do drama”, but that doesn’t mean that others in your life don’t and you are dealing with unwanted stuff.   Or, perhaps you have a health issue or you are caring for a loved one who is ill or is elderly.

Before you know it that nice relaxed body aches, you can’t sleep well, your diet is all over the board and you long for those easier summer days.   Stress doesn’t consist only of a physical component, it has a mental component as well.    Clients that I have helped  manage or eliminate some stress in their lives say sometimes they feel better just by talking out their stress and getting and objective opinion and seeing where they are being resistant to sources of relief.    Moreover when we add in the stress relief techniques in the form of Integrative Energetic Medicine clients now have the best possible combination.  They get physical relief as well as a newer perspective on how they perceive the situations in their lives and where they block their own relief.    Don’t let stress take you out of the game of life!

Maureen is a Certified Integrative Energetic Medicine practitioner and Professional Coach helping clients successfully engage their body mind  and soul connection to eliminate pain and suffering and to open up to a more joyful and happier life.


Lines in the Sands of Your Life…

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Do you have boundaries, do you set boundaries?   Most of my life trying to have a boundary was just not in the cards.  Having never been able to have boundaries that someone in authority didn’t cross, I never thought there was any purpose in having them.   This month for some reason the topic of boundaries is coming up everywhere.

I was and still am a go along, get along gal, but there is a difference between letting people be who they are and letting someone walk all over you because you are not able to express yourself, afraid someone won’t like you, scared your boss will be mad and fire you or give a dissenting opinion .   I think the absolute worse one for me was to think that someone would not like me.   UGH!

Consequently, most of my life I have not accomplished or expressed things I wanted people to know  and the worst part was eating meals, watching movies or doing a lot of things I really didn’t want to do because I didn’t know how to say, “no” or “suggest” something else.  WOW!

Setting boundaries is really about being comfortable with who you are and being able  to let others be who they are.  Setting boundaries is having the internal strength to know that you have a right to express yourself.  It is basically setting rules for others to know how to  acceptably interact with you.

If you are successful in your quest to set boundaries, a word of caution.  Those around you who are used to you not having boundaries may be reeling from the shock and some may not be able to handle it at all or some just not gracefully.  Remember you are growing and evolving and neither of those are comfortable.  Give them an opportunity to get to know the new you before judging.

I remember the first time I set a strong boundary with a dear friend of mine who love to shop.  She could spend hours in a store picking out, trying things on only to walk out with nothing.  Meanwhile I’m bored stiff .  So, one day she calls and says , “I want you to come shopping with me, I haven’t seen you in a while.”   I explained to her that while I would love to spend time with her, I am not the shopper she is and I get tired and bored.  I then proceeded to give her some options I could live with and she happily accepted.

While I think the interaction surprised her, as growth in someone always does bring up the unexpected, I think she recognized it for what it was.   We are still great  friends to this day.

Having trouble with boundaries in your life?  If so I would love to help you  to better engage with your body/mind  connection and bring about you natural inner boundary setter and access greater self expression.    Go to the contact page now!


Dad’s Rock

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I think Dad’s rock and it is no wonder we try to keep them around for as long as possible. Sometimes we don’t always get our wish, but we do our very best to love them while they are here.  I had my dad for many years and while I still miss him, I couldn’t help but think about how many more medical advances and wonderful new complementary and alternative therapies that are available today.

If your dad is still with you, love up on him as much as possible and if he isn’t think back on the good memories and bring a smile to your face.  Father’s are a key figure in a son or daughter’s life and so encourage them to reach out and do what is good for them, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that they can live a long and happy life no matter what their age.

Looking for a last minute gift for Dad for Father’s Day, well look no further!  Nothing says love than a gift of health –  give dad a Tune You Up Energy Session with Maureen.

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Complementing Your Doctor

dragonfly onlyMy doctor may deserve a compliment, but I prefer to complement instead!  If you are like a growing number of people who find their doctor’s plan just isn’t fully working for them and are looking for relief, you may have considered an alternative?   Others are just looking for an option to taking a pill that list side effects longer than their arm!  Whatever the reason, finding alternatives seems to be on the rise.  Even hospitals recognize energetic medicine in the form of Healing Touch and Integrative Medicine practices are popping up all over.

This is by no means a snub to traditional medicine, there have been many large scale successes in the past several decades, but the new Integrative Medicine practices that are cropping up I think have the best of both worlds.  You have the medical advances and diagnostic capabilities coupled with more nurturing and consulting, less invasive procedures and more holistic approaches.

Recently a potential client asked me what I thought was the biggest benefit of energy medicine?  My answer, “energy medicine can effect a positive change in almost any situation and is non-invasive”.  It may help produce better outcomes if done before and after surgery, it combines nicely with any traditional medical or alternative therapy and additionally, it is effective for healing on all levels of the body, physically mentally emotionally and spiritually.

Remember whether medical miracle or healing miracle there are no silver bullets when it comes to treating an illness.  I am partial of course to alternative therapies, but I like integrative energetic medicine because it can address a host of issues.    I do believe doctors, medicine and diagnostic testing have their place, but I also think good solid alternative practices have their place as well especially as a preventative tool.  Most illness has its origins in stress in the body and most alterative therapies in my opinion address this stress making alternatives a good complement to traditional treatment.  So complement your doctor and if he applauds your ingenuity, compliment him/her as well.


Align for a Healing Experience

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Our ideals are the standards by which we live our lives, or are they?   We use our ideals to guide our lives; they are the reason “why” we pursue something.   So what does this have to do with healing?

“If you are healed, what will you do differently with your life?”   This was a question Edgar Cayce would ask in regards to healing.  He felt a purposeful life was important and this question was asked of individuals to hopefully illicit a deeper meaning of the experience of illness thus challenging the person to explore their illness or disease as a growth opportunity.  The idea was this would help them to call attention to a greater purpose for their life.

When we are ill we may ask a lot of probing questions and if we look hard we would see that our thoughts, feelings, actions contribute to one’s well-being, whether healthy or ill.   To heal in the best way it is imperative that we align all aspects of our experience – (spiritual, mental and physical) so that we can feel empowered to handle an illness if one arises.

If you have a spiritual ideal that doesn’t match your mental attitude and physical actions and you get ill then you might feel that you are not living up to the ideal and become depressed.   However, if you didn’t have any spiritual ideals and you got ill you cold possibly feel that life was meaningless or feel victimized by life.

Having healthy spiritual ideals about health and aligning your mental attitude and physical actions with them will produce a more meaningful platform from which to experience an illness if one occurs.


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