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Feel Different
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Who do you trust?

dragonfly onlyMy very intuitive friends used to tell me I needed to trust myself more.   In my mind, I did trust myself. However, one of them politely informed me that while I may trust certain aspects of myself, like to do the right thing, be a good person, be on time and the like, that was not the part to which they were referring.  I shook my head in disbelief that the trust they were talking about was my feelings and decisions.  Wow!  I wanted to strenuously object, but I couldn’t.   Guilty!   When I really delved into it, I really didn’t trust my feelings and decisions.  And the reason was?   Well it goes back to my survival story.  The story you tell that helped you survive your perspective of the life that presented itself.   For most of my life I felt criticized or ostracized for doing things my way, for the decisions I made for having a feeling unlike what someone else thought I should feel.

Learning to trust yourself is not easy when you’ve had to yield to authority or been ostracized for being different than the “norm”.   Once the situation occurs you then constantly look for approval from outside of yourself so that you can comply.  You also are hesitant to make decisions without speaking to someone else.  Alternatively if you are an accomplished person you will also find yourself wanting to prove to others that you are smart that you can make a decision and do things the right way and it will show up in strange ways like agreeing with someone who other’s look up to or getting them to validate you in public for their approval and your acceptance by others.  Whatever way it manifest, you are seeking approval of someone outside of you – it’s exhausting – trust me, no pun intended!

So how do you begin to trust your feelings and the decisions you make?

  1. Do a self assessment – are things in your life working? For me, I looked around and decided that most of my life, with the exception of work and love, was in good shape.  I had good relationships, I was financially stable, and my health was in good condition.
  2. ID the common thread – both of my exceptions had a common thread of authority and control.  Most of my bosses didn’t seem to get me and in the bad cases went out of their way to control or exert their authority even when it was unwarranted – my version of course.  On the love side it was control and manipulation.
  1. Examine my perspective – here is where the fun begins. Because I cannot control the actions of another, I had to examine what it was that would cause me to have my reactions to them.  A wise man told me that a problem between you and another is 99% yours.  OUCH!  But so true, I had to own the fact that my perspective came from being criticized and controlled by an authority figure, so when I heard something familiar in their tone or actions I would interpret it from my limited perspective.  But what to do?
  2. Self Forgiveness – it took sitting with and owning my part (my 99%) in this debacle and being able to forgive myself.
  3. Self Love and Acceptance – It is at this point where I could feel the shift had occurred. Once you can accept what transpired and your part in it, it is then you start to feel the healing.
  4. Redesign – Once you know why you do what you do, the next step is to figure out how you can handle it differently next time. This is the creative part.

If it sounds daunting and you don’t think you can be objective enough then by all means, give me a call, I will guide you through these steps to a happier, healthier and healed you!

Maureen Roe is a healing facilitator whose gift for hearing energetic patterns helps clients easily identify any faulty perspectives and limiting beliefs and through the application of energetic medicine and coaching Maureen brings you to redesigning a new healthy perspective from you own authentic power. 





LOVE: High Vibrations

dragonfly onlyEver been in love, what a high you feel?  Yes, indeed love is a high, but did you know it is also the highest vibration in the Universe.   This is what makes it the perfect platform for healing.   The vibrations of love can heal.   How do you use love to heal the hurts in your life?

When we think of healing generally we think – physical healing and love energy can be used most effectively to heal the physical body. As a healing facilitator of this love energy. I know first-hand, no pun intended, that this is so. But the energy of love can be used to heal more than just the physical body. So how else can this high vibration be used to heal your life?

When we lack love for ourselves we invite into our body inferior vibrations such as negativity, fear, sadness, anxiety, and more. And we all know that negative emotions will feed illness. But we are channels for the love energy of Source and can heal all situations in our life by bringing to it the healing vibration of love.

We do not help another’s pain by identifying with it, we heal it by channeling more love vibrations to help them to heal the pain. So the next time someone comes up to you and they are in need of healing and it is masked by extreme negativity or fear – channel your love vibrations to them for healing.



ABOUT FACE: Sudden Life Changes

dragonfly onlyYou know they say when we plan, God laughs, well the past week he had a big laugh on me.   Have you even had something that you planned on heavily evaporate right before your eyes.   There is no do-overs, no future opportunity for what would have been, it is over.   Something I was counting on, planning my future around and looking for to all that it offered was gone.    What would you do if it all went away in an instant?

Would you whirl and twirl?  Would you curse or rant and rave?   Would you talk to everyone who would listen and repeat the story over and over how you were wronged?    I’ve been there and done that and frankly it got me nowhere and only made me feel worse than I did before.  What to do with all those emotions?

Last week I had just this kind of thing occur.   I was busy doing what I do in a normal day and then I got notice that what I planned for was gone in the time it took to read an email.  I felt a flood of emotions and as they came I noted each one and awaited the next.  I went from relief to sadness, to fear to anger to maybe this is a good thing all in the course of about 30 minutes.   None of the people around me would have guessed a thing was going on with me which you might find strange.   It is important to acknowledge and feel our feelings then express and release.   Expressing raw emotions can be challenging for lots of people, but my choice was to breathe through most of them and when anger arose I got up and moved as a form of expression.

It is not just about the emotions is it making an intention to focus on what I want next and try to see the positive side.   Spirit always knows the path you should be on and when a course correction comes it may not look like we intended, but we only have to trust Spirit has our best interest in mind.  So It is…


Learning to Dance in the Rain

dragonfly onlyJoy is our natural state. Now, just let that soak in for a few minutes. When was the last time you saw someone joyful, when were you last filled with joy?   Because we are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of life causing so much pain and suffering in everyday life, it seems unnatural to see someone who is joyful.   So what causes this shift from our natural state of joy into this unnatural state? Why is this natural state of joy that is in our hearts hidden away from many of us seemingly forever?

Have you ever watched a child experiencing new things, they are amazing to watch and their reaction to many new experiences could only be termed joy. So, how do we, as adults live in this world of suffering and pain and still be able to access the joy that lies within? My answer, set an intention.  Make an intention to build a path that transports you from the stress and negative mode you are in to one where you feel like you’ve got the world on a string around your little finger.

Several years ago after being “relieved” from a job I had put many hours and effort into, I had enlightenment several weeks after and decided I didn’t want to feel bad about myself anymore, I wanted to be happy, I wanted to experience joy again in my life. I went from feeling insecure in my life to feeling inner security.   When the expectations of our lives get trampled on we experience the pain of these polar opposites. So in order to not feel less than, unimportant, not worthy, not enough we need to have that inner security that just because life gave us lemons we know we can survive making lemonade. After all as Vivian Greene says, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain.”  Developing your inner security can help you to dance in the rain and how can one not be joyful doing that?


Thankful for “what is”!

dragonfly onlyIt is easy to be grateful and thankful when everything is going your way and life is good. But when things don’t go the way you planned or if they are not to our liking it may be difficult finding the courage to be thankful for “what is”.

Years ago, I had a job that after about 3 – 4 years, I was very ready to move on, but was unable to find another job. Being unable to move on caused me to feel stuck and the reasons I wanted to leave the job seemed to grow bigger and more discouraging. Sometime during the latter part of the fourth year a fresh perspective was offered by an acquaintance through a ordinary conversation. He suggested that until I was able to be grateful for what was currently in my life good and bad, I was going to remain stuck there.

Needless to say, I jumped on the task of figuring out how to be thankful for what was in my life. For me, I made a list of the things about my job that I did or had enjoyed during those early years to determine how I could find some of that in the current view of my job. For example, one of the things I really enjoyed about the job was the people with whom I got to interact. So if that was the only thing I had to focus on, I would continue to give thanks for it.

My creativity was a key factor as was my desire to feel better everyday.   So if on the way to work I had to utter the prayer, “thank you for my job” then that is what I did. As Meister Eckhart said. “If the only prayer you say in your life is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.”

If you find yourself struggling to be grateful for “what is” in your life, contact Maureen now to see how she can help you.


Enough Already!

dragonfly onlyI heard a friend of mine recently on a conference call we were on lamenting about how she has never been paid what she thought she should be paid. Then the moderator asked her where in her life did she see abundance and she replied, “nowhere”.   I cringed when I heard her reply as I for one knew it was not true. My friend had a nice house, a decent job, a small savings, her health and prospects for the future and people who care about her. What causes us to miss our abundance? How do you discount your abundance?

It has been my observation and my mistake in the past that we tend to focus on the one thing we don’t have yet or think we never will get and we forget to stop and smell the roses. One of the definitions of abundance I particularly like is “the condition of being in rich supply”.   I personally like to look around and think about how many things in my life seem to be in “rich supply” for me.   For example friends, people who care about me to name a few.

Oftentimes, we become so focused on the money we don’t have, the job we don’t get, the love interest we have yet to find and we think there is NO abundance in my world, but refocusing our thoughts on the things that are in good supply in our lives will help us to not discount those things we do have. Be truly grateful for what you have and feel that gratitude as you think about it. If you feel you don’t have enough money try being grateful for every bill you can pay and then also recognizing that if you pay all your bills and nothing else, be grateful for that abundance and the supply of it.   A change in your perspective (or your thoughts) can bring relief to any uncomfortable situation in your everyday life.   If you need help, you need only click the contact link to get help!


Positive is as Positive Does?

dragonfly onlyWell, it if was good enough for Forest Gump it is good enough for me!   When the title first crossed my mind, I dismissed it and then I read it aloud off the page and all of a sudden it took on new meaning. It is true positive is as positive does.   We are reaping the benefits from what we sow, so is positivity what you are sowing?   Come join me for the top three ways to easily sow positive actions so that you can reap the positivity you desire in your life.   Read more

First and foremost the biggest deterrent to staying positive is comparing yourself to others.   Generally most people who compare themselves to others usually does so from a place of not feeling adequate like with a co-worker, or someone who seems more accomplished than you or has the body or the look you would like. There is no way to win from this stance. I can assure you while that “other” person has what you perceive to be “it”, they don’t have a skill, talent or way of doing or saying things that you have. Get to know you, get acquainted with what you can do and celebrate yourself and be proud of what you have achieved just for you, no one else.

The second thing I see a people doing, myself included, is generalizing”.   For example, you might have been known to say “this always happens to me” or “I never win anything”. If this sounds familiar you might be a “generalize”. What I did and still do, I question the validity of what I just said. For example, “I never win anything”. Is that really true? I then run through my life experiences and I have only to look back a few years to realize no, it is not true. When you become aware of using the any of the following words all, none, most, many, always, everyone, never, sometimes, some, usually, seldom, few, generally, you are generalizing and that is the time to ask the question to verify the validity of the statement you just made. Is it true for you?

And last but not least people “discount the positive” in their lives. Negative people tend to see everything from that viewpoint and even when something positive does happen to them they are focused more on what will happen to take it away than being grateful that it is here at this moment. This was one of the first things I worked on when I wanted to shift my negative orientation. Now, even when things are not going my way, I look for what is working in the situation and it helps to shift my patter.

If living a happier life is your goal, changing your negative orientation is a great place to start and with a few easy tips you can be on your way. Check out Maureen’s Done With Critical Self-Talk Self-Guided-Coach Support Coaching Package (Levels 1 or 2).

Fresh or New?

dragonfly onlyDon’t you just love taking something old and making it new again?   I do. I love when they take and old building and repurpose it with maybe a facelift or even some mild construction. But that got me to thinking how do we rejuvenate? While the rest and relaxation over the past two months will certainly help what can be done to make us feel refreshed and new again?

Most people don’t think about starting new regimes for themselves this late in the year, that is what January is for, right? However, after the fever of spring and the kickback of the summer August seems to be the perfect time to start freshening myself up for the fullness of fall that will soon be on the horizon. So what is your rejuvenation regime?

A good regime incorporates the body, mind and spirit making it holistic but doesn’t have to be boring. Let’s look at some elements of each category.   The body – that one is easy if you aren’t already doing so get up and move and stretch your body on a daily or regular basis – this can be made to be fun add a little music some dance steps or whatever suits you.   For the Mind, I think this could be anything that stimulates your mind reading something that makes you think. Taking a short course or class is always good. Taking on a mental task for one’s self is excellent. And finally the Spirit – anything that makes you laugh or listening to your favorite or inspiring and uplifting music as well as any form of meditation.

Don’t want to think about it, here’s Maureen’s August Rejuvenation Formula to rev us those dog days of summer: Most of these are daily some are only several times per week. Do what works for you.


Stretching and Walking

Inspirational Reading & Contemplation

Morning Smoothie

Read Energy Medicine books

Epson Salts & Lavender Bath

Classical Music


Come, Let’s Play!

dragonfly onlyHow long has it been since you seriously played?   Some people are really good at this, other’s not so much. I’m afraid to say that I fall into the latter category, how about you?   I admire people who have artful hobbies, play music or who play sports with gusto, but that is not me.

Play ejects our minds from the linear problem-solving mind which allows us to be more creative and make connections of things we may not normally made and see things in a new way. Play is a great stress reliever as it lifts our mood and helps us laugh which we all know if good medicine.

To try to correct my play-deficit as an adult I have made an effort to do some things I did as a child only with more of a grown-up take on the activities. One of the things I loved as a child was coloring. I like staying in the lines, I like choosing just the right colors, and I also liked creating designs and coloring my own creation. So now, I grab a book of mandalas and I choose the colors to place in the intricate patterns that make up the different designs. This is a great stress reliever and form of meditation. The other day when we had a rain shower, I decided to run out in the rain and just dance around on my patio – a sight to behold I’m sure – just to remember again the feeling of getting caught in the rain when I was younger and how much fun it was catching raindrops with my tongue and feeling the rain tickle my skin.   So how do you like to play? If you need some help – here’s a list to get the creative juices flowing:

  1. Be adventurous – Walk or drive without having a destination in mind – just go wherever the road takes you.
  2. Engage in something you’ve wanted to do like paint or create something, but don’t have an attachment to the outcome being perfection – let your imagination make the perfection real. Have you seen a fort a child built out of boxes, random furniture and sheets – but to them it is as fortified as Fort Knox.
  3. Go to the pet store or Humane Society and play with the puppies.
  4. On your way to work instead of being frustrated with traffic or delays think of something you’ll look for on your drive and count how many you see (similar to playing “I spy” as a kid). Look for flags, types of cars, cars with bumper stickers, cards with multiple bumper sticks, vehicles with license plates from nearby states or vanity plates.
  5. Don’t forget to play at work. I was given as part of a training a paddle with a ball at the end of a string that I would pull out and play when I was having trouble writing a report or creating a program. Remember play help your creativity, relieves stress and helps you open up to new ways of looking at things.
  6. Invite friends on a play-date and engage in a board game, charade, or some other game that will help you laugh and have fun.
  7. And my personal favorite, put on your favorite music and dance to your hearts desire right in your own home. I do this sometimes when I am doing house work and will dance between rooms or sway my hips as I dust and sing at the top of my lungs — is there any guess as to why I live alone? LOL!

This is just a smidgen of what can be done – so send me your ideas at Maureen and I’ll post them on my FB fan page for others to “play” around with, pun intended.


The 3R’s of Summer

dragonfly onlyFor this summer’s rest, relaxation and rejuvenation think Self-Care…ugh…but don’t leave just yet. The word self-care is so worn and tired, but it is still a necessary part of being able to successfully maneuver life and a necessary criteria for loving ones’ self.   Many people wake up and hit the ground running. In the pretense of getting enough sleep we set the clock at the last minute and then fly through our mornings in a frenzied pace.   Or if you are solo and/or an entrepreneur you may need to work long hours and scheduling yourself time to relax may not figure in to your plans. Make an intention to include time for you in your day to rest and relax allowing you to transition from one part of your day to the next without the aid of a substance of any kind. And for those who have to solve problems, create programs and presentation and whatever else is required your creative juices are impaired when rest and relaxation are lacking.

So the 3R’s of summer work like this:

June: REST:   Let’s take June as our month to dedicate time to resting at least 2 times per day which if sleep is one of your rest times, take steps to ensure that you get a good night sleep by quieting down 30 or more minutes before going to bed, read, drink warm milk – remove all electronic stimulation and give yourself at least 3 hours after exercising. If this is your vacation month, take full advantage of it.

July: RELAXATION: In the interest of adding relaxation to your June Self-care program find one or two things that you can do that are relaxing to you. Schedule time to walk, rock on the porch while reading several chapters in a good book, and take a mini vacation with limited or no electronic devices especially if they have anything to do with work and preferably no TV.

August: REJUVENATION:   If you have been successful with June and July’s self-care test Augusts’ test will be almost done. Rejuvenation is the act of restoring something to its former state and I know everyone is creative whether you consider yourself to be or not. So, decide whatever your form of creativity is and engage in that for the month of August whenever possible. Paint, cook, sew, coordinate something, organize items, create a project, and solve puzzles or problems. Do whatever it is that allows you to take something that is not currently in a form and apply your process to it and make it happen. There is nothing like getting the creative juices flowing to rejuvenate you. Good luck!


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