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Complementing Your Doctor

dragonfly onlyMy doctor may deserve a compliment, but I prefer to complement instead!  If you are like a growing number of people who find their doctor’s plan just isn’t fully working for them and are looking for relief, you may have considered an alternative?   Others are just looking for an option to taking a pill that list side effects longer than their arm!  Whatever the reason, finding alternatives seems to be on the rise.  Even hospitals recognize energetic medicine in the form of Healing Touch and Integrative Medicine practices are popping up all over.

This is by no means a snub to traditional medicine, there have been many large scale successes in the past several decades, but the new Integrative Medicine practices that are cropping up I think have the best of both worlds.  You have the medical advances and diagnostic capabilities coupled with more nurturing and consulting, less invasive procedures and more holistic approaches.

Recently a potential client asked me what I thought was the biggest benefit of energy medicine?  My answer, “energy medicine can effect a positive change in almost any situation and is non-invasive”.  It may help produce better outcomes if done before and after surgery, it combines nicely with any traditional medical or alternative therapy and additionally, it is effective for healing on all levels of the body, physically mentally emotionally and spiritually.

Remember whether medical miracle or healing miracle there are no silver bullets when it comes to treating an illness.  I am partial of course to alternative therapies, but I like integrative energetic medicine because it can address a host of issues.    I do believe doctors, medicine and diagnostic testing have their place, but I also think good solid alternative practices have their place as well especially as a preventative tool.  Most illness has its origins in stress in the body and most alterative therapies in my opinion address this stress making alternatives a good complement to traditional treatment.  So complement your doctor and if he applauds your ingenuity, compliment him/her as well.