Think Different
Feel Different
Act Different

I want what she’s having…

Remember the adage “Your perception is your reality”?  So what does it really mean?  Basically it is saying that as you go through life all your experiences and interpretations of those events is what is your perception and that becomes your reality or what is real for you.  Since we are so unique and have many different experiences that are ours alone, it is no wonder we see anything the same?

So how does your perception affect your everyday life, well here are a few ways.   Let’s start with communication.  If every morning you come to work your boss greets you, but one morning she doesn’t someone with a certain perception would interpret that as “the boss is mad at me”, another with a totally different set of experiences would just assume the boss was preoccupied.   Which are you?

Here is a classic for you.   When I was in high school a friend and I went with a few other folks to Florida a weekend and we sunbathed on the beach, met “boys” from places north, found our way into a few live music places and roomed with about 5 other women.  I was with my friend one day when someone asked her about our weekend, her description floored me.   I wondered if she had gone to Florida with another group another time, as my perception of our weekend was very different, but then again I got overly tanned, shall we say, met a really obnoxious guy I couldn’t get rid of and some of our other roommates were a little more fond of the drink and expected everyone to take care of them.  Which weekend would I have preferred to be on – my friends, apparently she had a ball!

So what do you do?  Well if someone suddenly changes on you like the boss, don’t assume do a short inquiry.  Ask your boss if everything is ok today?  Maybe they were just distracted or perhaps something happen and they were upset.   In the second situation, just be aware that if you get two different stories try to find out the reasons why and ask if the person had previously had a bad experience that was similar so that you can make a more informed decision if you were to engage in a similar scenario.

The moral of the story is to ask questions, find out why someone is responding the way they do can help in a lot of situations.  This way you won’t get upset with people or you won’t pass on things that might be great.


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